Hyundai Electronics is an arm of Hyundai Corporation, the South Korean multinational headquartered in Seoul, South Korea. Hyundai Corporation was established in 1976 as an import and export trading house of Hyundai Group. It is globally recognized as a leading technology company that focuses on transforming people’s lifestyle and outcomes across various diasporas and has over 40 global business networks located all over the world.


Hyundai Electronics commenced its operation with a vision to deliver seamless integrated technology in every household. The company contours are extended from reconnaissance of smart goods technology and product diversification methodologies to manufacturing cutting-edge industrial goods. The company leverages on its rich experience and profound research executed by its committed veterans. The company’s management exhibits exemplary concern for consumer rights and analyzes the detailed market insights to deliver some extraordinary integrated solutions in the field of consumer electronics.


The company is also a pioneer and a leader in smart TV imaging, artificial intelligence, product monitoring, logistics and technology informatics. The company has always given preference to drive growth and construct deeper inroads into the fast emerging, globally sound and developed economies. The company is dexterous in developing a knowhow to address grievances of persons associated with our esteemed organization and then share the same knowledge to address loopholes and product improvement. The company will aggressively and strategically invest in product innovation and will bring the best of global talent using its in-house open application system and work in some sophisticated areas like energy, water, artificial intelligence, fuzzy logic and IoTs.

Who We Are?

Each product made or service rendered is done keeping in mind the core values of Korean traditions, paying maximum attention to the needs of our customers, and ensuring 100% customer satisfaction when it comes to experiencing our products and services. This not only builds our brand value but also helps in building up the confidence of our employees, who are an integral part of our Hyundai family.

Our commitment and dedication at Hyundai Electronics is to bestow an ‘advanced and better life’ for our esteemed customers and contribute in creating a ‘technologically connected world’ around them. The demands and desires of our customers differ across various economies, therefore technological solutions have to be customized according to their aspirations. With this ideology we pioneer ourselves to providing services that are made in India for the Indians, across business and consumer sectors.

Most of the India’s population consists of persons with 20 to 35 years of age, which is a huge market for any entity that wants to establish itself in this cutting edge demand driven environment. The company is now looking at India as a priority market. Taking from our legacy, we will continue to provide solutions which will be fueled by our ‘Innovation’ strategy of weaving local solutions to our global approach.

Hyundai has a vision to bring rich technological and digital experience into the lives of its consumers by manufacturing innovative products. With dedicated diligence of our partners and great workforce, our efforts to convert our vision into realty are on the right path and in no time this will evolve into pragmatic conclusions. We have been rendering quintessential products in the past through dedicated efforts of our researchers.

The company has ventured into India with its wide range of electronics and home appliances like Smart LEDs, Air Conditioners, Washing Machines and Refrigerators. The company focuses on market research, product innovation and talent acquisition in India for work in areas like artificial intelligence, technology, logistics and energy-efficiency.

At Hyundai Electronics, we strives to achieve sustainable development goals setup by the state and the United Nations. Topics ranging from environment, poverty eradication and disaster management are all discussed from time to time with various stake holders of the company. The management, since the inception of the organization, carries out the initiatives which are beneficial not only to the company but also to the civil society as a whole. Company is immensely involved in community health services , government employment programs, women empowerment, education, energy, agriculture, sports and sustainable environment development thereby, improving the lives of billions.

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