Laundry is a problem that needs to be handled every day. Washing machines are a great help in this task. Choosing a washing machine that suits best your lifestyle is an uphill task. You need to consider few things before purchasing the right washing machine like your budget, the type of fabric you wash regularly, space needed to fit the machine at your home, the water facility and the size of your laundry on daily or weekly basis. Now let’s talk about the specifications for your perfect choice:

Select the Perfect Capacity:

See how many people are staying at your home and what the size of daily laundry. A capacity of 5 Kg is suitable for one or two people. However, if you live with another five to eight people, it’s always better to have capacity of 8 Kg or more.

Define the place for Washing machine in your House:

Space is an essential factor. If you are looking for a machine that consumes less space then go for top loading models but if space is not a problem and you are looking for more facilities then front loaders will be a perfect choice. Top doors are convenient because you can throw in a cloth without waiting for it to complete one wash cycle.

Check the Water Requirement:

If you have a good water supply then go for fully automatic front load machines which has multiple washer options and has overheating, overflow, and anti-balance controls where you just need to throw the clothes along with the detergent into the machine.