9.0 KG Semi Automatic FT Glass Blue Magenta Washing Machine

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3 Wash Program, Stainless Steel Wash Tub, Jumbo Pulsator, Magic Filter, Collar Scrubber
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An appliance ideal for a modern family. It removes the most stubborn of stains with utmost ease.

4 wash program: 4 wash program gives flexibility to your washing schedule. It is a multiple-wash program and it is pre-programmed in the machine Wash Timer to suit the washing requirement of various types of fabrics.

Transparent window: See through the Transparent window.

Hot and Cold Inlet: Two water inlets for choosing the hot and cold water to wash the clothes. Hot water gives a better wash. Hot & cold water inlet is provided to allow flexibility in choosing the water type as per the need.

10 min. Spin Timer: When the spin is operated for 10 Min, the clothes get more dried as compared with 5 min spinning.

Castor: For easy movement of the Machine for better space utilization.

Magic Filter: More durable and easy to clean. Does not tear off like the standard lint filter made of cloth.

Centre fall Spin shower rinsing: The water is directed at the centre of the Spin Tub and gets evenly distributed on the clothes put in the Spin tub. This helps better rinse the clothes during spin shower rinsing.

Collar scrubber: Provided to scrub the localized dirt, especially on the cuff and collar.

Cascade: The Cascade is a water channel through which the water is pumped by the pulsator in form of a fountain. This action helps evenly mix of detergent solution. Secondly, spraying the detergent water on clothes helps to clean the dirt in a better way.

Dual Magic Filter: Dual Magic filter collects lint from water during the washing process, No matter the water level is high or low.

Rust-free Plastic Body: Plastic Body of the Machine is made of Polypropylene material which is Rust free and shock free.

Buzzer: Indicates the end of Wash Cycle so that the user can come and do the next operation of Rinsing/Spinning.

Detergent Port: A special port is created to input the detergent. The detergent enters the wash tub along with the inlet water and gets mixed evenly in the Tub.

Soft Closer / Hydraulic Lid: Soft closing lid stopped damage and is safe for users by loading and unloading the clothes.

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